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Updated May 20, 2018

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GSXR 1000 and Hayabusa
1 Suzuki GSXR1000 2001-2004 - New FBG under cut transmission, complete, ready to drop in. Click to see picture $525.00
2 Suzuki GSXR1000 2001-2004 - Used Spare valves, cam cover, pistons, rods, clutch basket and more.
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3 Suzuki GSXR1000 steel and fiber clutches $125.00
4 Suzuki Hayabusa steel and fiber clutches $125.00
Pro Stock
6 Complete NHRA Kosman Pro Stock Suzuki, everything less the engine. Computer, and a ton of spares. Bike is very light and has been over 190 mph at an NHRA race $17,500.00
7 *Lectron 40mm carbs with with cable and stacks. Tried and true.   Click here for image $500.00
8 *FBG 48mm carbs. Perfect, ready to run, with red bells and cable.   Click here for image $900.00
9 *Falicon Pro Stock Crank. 66.4 stroke, GS1100 style, all billet, big tooth, Falicon/VHR rods    Click here for image $800.00
10 *Falicon Pro Stock Crank. 66.4 stroke, GS1100 style, all billet, small tooth, Falicon/VHR rods  Click here for image $800.00
11 Pro Stock VHR and Cope step pipe for Suzuki $450.00
12 *Suzuki 1150 stock head. All stock, perfect condition.    Click here for image $500.00
12a *Suzuki 1150 valve cover $100.00
13 *Suzuki big block with 85mm high compression racing pistons, complete    Click here for image $1250.00
14 Suzuki 1463 big block with three pistons 13.5 to 1 $375.00
15 New Suzuki Cam Chains, 118, 120, and 126  pin $15.00
16 '81-'84 GPZ transmissions (stock) $200.00
17 KZ head all stock with caps $100.00
18 Kawasaki chrome engine covers $10.00 - $50.00
19 Z1 Kawasaki lower end *Complete and ready to go* $300.00
20 KZ Kawasaki engine $450.00
21 Kawasaki cases $100.00
22 Z1 transmissions (stock) $100.00
23 Z1 head all stock with caps $100.00
24 New Kawasaki Cam Chains, 118, 120 and 126 pin $15.00
*Ignition And Electronics
25 MSD Brand new in box with warranty. The newest, trickest ignition on the planet. MC-4, totally programmable for Turbo, N2O, or Pro Stock. $850.00
26A *New Dyna ignition GS 1100 1150 pick up plate with rotor. $120 plus shipping Click here for image $120.00
27B *New MSD ignition GS 1100 1150 pick up plate with rotor. $95 plus shipping Click here for image $120.00
28D *MSD 7552. New MSD Shift light.  Super small and very powerful, light weight. Great for secondary light to tell you in high gear as you get close to redline $65 plus shipping Click here for image $65.00
29 *Coils with very low miles. Dyna coils and MSD coils .7, 1.5, and 3.0 ohm coils. $40 each plus shipping  Click here for image $40.00
30 *Brand new Dyna coils .7 ohm. $65 each plus shipping   Click here for image $65.00
31 *Dyna DS6-1. Brand new Dyna Harley Davidson ignition pick up plate. $89 plus shipping   Click here for image $89.00
32a *Mike Berry pro stock vacuum pump. Can produce approximately 20" of vacuum. Super trick and lightweight.
Click here for image
33 GPZ valve covers $50.00
34 *GS100-1150 billet basket with Falicon 750 ratio straight cut gears with heavy duty springs. Perfect for use with #15.
             Click here for image
35 *Suzuki 750 clutch ratio with billet basket and OWM with carbon fiber wrap. Includes plates, inner and pressure plate.
               Click here for image
36 VHR 4 in to 1 side pipe new and used (Kawasaki or Suzuki) $150.00-$250.00
37 Turbo set up for Suzuki GS1100 and Kawasaki 1000 (carburetor, turbo and pipes).Click to enlargeClick to enlarge $100.00-$350.00
38 Cams: stock or high performance, available for Suzuki and Kawasaki $25.00 - $50.00
39 Mickey Thompson tires. 10" x 15" motorcycle slick, 6-8 runs.  $50 each
40 9x15 Kosman Gucci rear wheel, no center hubClick to enlarge $450.00
41 9x15 Performance Machine rear wheel, like new (used) $675.00
42 *Moroso Quick fasteners.                                                                                     Click here for image $50.00
43 *Dzus fasteners Plates.                                                                                        Click here for image $50.00
44 *Coil bracket to mount 2 coil per bracket.                                                               Click here for image $50.00
45 *Struts.                                                                                                               Click here for image $50.00
46 *Wheelie bar lower bracket.                                                                                  Click here for image $75.00
47 *Kosman front end brace.                                                                                     Click here for image $75.00
48 *Suzuki engine cover with outboard crank bearing support, includes the crank nut.    Click here for image $100.00
49 * 3 inch offset sprocket 630 14, 15 and 16 tooth and 530 17 tooth. $75.00
50 *Joe Gibbs 0 weight racing synthetic oil, 5 gallons.                                                  Click here for image $75.00
51 *Battery box and YTZ14 battery.                                                                            Click here for image $75.00
52 *Battery box and YTX12 battery.                                                                           Click here for image $75.00

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